Artistic Commentary - Sean McGINNIS

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The questions which guide his work:

What is the relatioship between chaos and order?

What inspires or attracts me? Why?

What is art that has integrity without being reactionary or destructive?

What is art that isn't afraid of the past nor over concerned with the future?

What is the truth of the soul or the inner life?

What does my gut say?

What do I believe?

The Artistic Pursuits of Sean McGINNIS


Crossing three genres of artistic production, the artistic investigations of Sean McGINNIS follow a single goal. Whether in sculpture, painting or photographs, the intimacy of the human interior is revealed in the details of the external body, particularily the hands and feet. By concentrating on close-ups, details, and cropped forms, the artist seeks to rediscover the language of the body during the modern vogue for virtual thought and the intellectialism of art. By returning to the body - a common reference for each human, who is perhaps lost in the devaluation of the individual in our ever globalising world - Mr. McGinnis seeks to bring us back to simple truths, rediscovered. Simple truths revealed and redefined in the light of our new understandings of the universe, here at the beginning of a new millenium.

His work is noted for its "sculpting" of form with color.

Mr. McGinnis, who was born and raised on the central plains of the United States, lived ten years in Tucson, Arizona before moving to France in 1997. This latter radical upheaval was chosen, not only to have him face the challenges of confronting a foreign culture and to experience the subsequent personal growth that that precipitates, but simply because Paris is the environment where he finds himself the most inspired of anywhere he has yet lived or visited. As integrity of inspiration is essential to his pursuits, the decision to relocate would appear to be inevitable.

He spends his days working in his studio on the edge of the ninth arrondissement, which has a particular ambundance of the light known to be unique to Northern France. It is there that he paints and photographs.







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