Rita Bregman Biography -Biographie de Rita Bregman



Rita Bregman is a poet, singer, activist, performance artist,
humorist, playwright, feminist, published photographer, editor, and
mother who has been in love with the written, spoken, and sung word
since birth. By age six, she was writing stories; at eight, she began
singing, and at ten became the youngest student ever accepted into
the Juilliard School. The daughter of an inventor, she developed an
early eye for the literary and visual arts when she worked in her
father's printing house. After creative writing study, children's
theatre founding and management, and public relations consulting,
writing and performing poetry became her principal artistic venue in
the late 1980s.

In 1996, she became co-director of the Berkeley Arts Center Poetry
Reading Series and began reading publicly in Northern California. In
l998, she was approached by a Bay Area publisher to co-author the
first volume in Elegant Conversations, Manto Press's historic
three-part series in collaborative poetry. "On Amethyst Glass: Two
Voices, One Song," was released in l999, and another collaborative
project is being developed with the publisher. Believing that every
poem is a monologue meant to be read aloud, Rita has joined with
composers, musicians, dancers, and other poets to perform her work
throughout the U.S. and in Europe. She currently lives and writes in
Oakland, California.


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