Volga German Links


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The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia can be found at: AHSGR

The Kansas State Historical Society's : Online Exhibit : "FAR AWAY FROM RUSSIA, German with a Russian Flavor."

Volga-German Genealogical and Historical Discussion Group at: RUS/GER-VOLGA Discussion Group

Search the Volga-German Discussion Groups archives: ARCHIVES -GER-RUS Listserve

German-Russian Genealogy: The Pixel

The GOLDEN JUBILEE of the German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas 1926: German-Russian Jubilee

German Villages in the Volga Valley of Russia: Volga Villages

Kevin RUPP's genealogy page (all you could possibly ever want to know) :

Kevin's List of Volga German Villages/Colonies

Kevin's Genealogies and Research material

The Volga German Bookstore

A page of photos by Sergio KEINER from the Volga German Colonies of the State of Entre Rios, in Argentina.

Website put together by students from Valle Maria (Marienthal), Entre Rios, Argentina. Lovely site, very informative.




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